Boat Names

Boat Names People sometimes ask how a boat got its name. This table is intended to record the origins of names of the boats owned by Cantabs, and of those whose owners kindly allow club members to use them. ثنائي الخيار التفاح Please contact the Club Secretary if you spot and inaccuracies or omissions.
NameBoat TypeReason for Name (PO indicates a Project Oarsome boat)
2 and a half men2+Named by Caius?
ABJ8+In recognition of Andy Johnson's contribution coaching the Senior Men
Alan Flack8+Alan F Flack, an Honorary Life Member (1994), School Captain, Equipment Officer and long-standing member?
Artemis8+/xGreek goddess of the hunt - named in underhand attempt to honour Mike Hunter!
Arthur Beard8+Named for Arthur Beard: Club co-founder, Club Captain 1950-52, 53-55, Club President 1966-69, 72-73, 74-76, 77-79
Bart4-/xNamed by former owners, Downing College Boat Club
Cantab4+Owned by Andy Johnson, Cantab is a very early Kevlar boat, of Russian origins
Captain AC Taylor8+Capt A.C. Taylor: Club President 1951-66
Catherine & Jessica4+Catherine & Jessica Hale, twin daughters of Club Captain Chris Hale who were in first Cantabs Womens Head crew in CRA Bumps
Charlie Palmer1xWinner of Nat Championships in Sculling and twice finalist in Diamond Sculls, HRR.
Chesterton1x virusChesteron Community College (PO)
Chris Lewis8+C.M. Lewis: Club President 1979-91
Christopher Hum8+Named for former master of Caius College (2006-2012); boat acquired from Caius?
Collier1xNamed for James Collier, a former club captain and generous donor
County Boys4-/xThe Cambridge and County School for Boys, which later became Hills Road SFC
David2-xNamed in memory of David Taylor, a club rower in 2010's ???
David Bailey4+Named for David A Bailey, Club Captain 1955-57.
Diana8+/xRoman goddess of the hunt - named in underhand attempt to honour Mike Hunter!
Doc Bevan2-xDr Bevan, a President of the CRA in the 1970's
Ed Hallam4-/xNamed in memory of Ed Hallam, strength and conditioning and coach & friend of the club
Effort2-xNamed by Andy Johnson?
Fluffer8+Named for the Fluffer crew
Four Fatties4+Fun name for a heavyweight four!
Garfield2xNamed after the self-declared boathouse cat, Garfield:
Gillian2x/-Named after Garfield's PR agent
Gunning for Glory2xNamed for Phil Gunning, Junior Development Officer
Hazel Donkin8+Named for Hazel Donkin: Club President 1996-99
Hills Road1x virusHills Road Sixth Form College (PO)
Ian1xNamed for Mike Arnold's son
Invetereight8+Named for the Invetereight (Walker) crew that purchased it
Isabella & Susanna4-/xThe daughters of Tom Copeland, as a token of appreciation for his coaching, especially of the Senior Women
Joe Baddeley2x/-Named for Joe Baddeley, former first VIII rower and club captain
Joe Von Maltzahn8+[Oxford and International rower]
Jumbo1xNamed in humorous recognition that this boat is designed for heavier rowers.
Katie Needs4+Wife of Ron Needs, coach for CUWBC and the GB national women’s squad. Named by original owners, CUWBC.
Katie R1xMike Hunter's daughters Katie and Rosie
Keith1xNamed for Mike Arnold's son
Lizzie2-xStephen Allen's daughter (PO)
Lost and Found1xReplacement for a boat that was lost; L&F was itself lost and is a complicated story
Lucy J8+Named for Mike Hunter's partner, Janet
Madeleine1xNamed for Madeleine Arnold, wife of Mike Arnold
Mark George2+ (tub)Mike Arnold's grandson
Mike1xNamed by (& for?) Mike Arnold (PO)
Oscar2-xPaul Haines' son
Paul Haines4-Paul Haines, Club Captain 1999-2005; Winter Head Secretary 2001 onwards
Peter1xNamed for Peter Wright (PO)
Rees Thomas1x virusRees Thomas Special School (PO)
Reward4+/xNamed by Andy Johnson? (PO)
Rob and Kate4+Named in memory of Robert Rippengal and Catherine Stokes, club members who died in a mountaineering accident in 2006:
Ron Davies8+R.E. Davies: Club Captain 1964-67, Club President 1973-74
Rosie K2-xNamed for Mike Hunter's daughters Rosie and Katie (PO)
Sarah2x/-Named for Sarah Arnold, wife of our treasured Equipment Officer, Petr.
St Johns1x virusSt John's [College School???] (PO)
Stephen Allen8+S.R.L. Allen: Club Captain 1974-75, Club President 1991-96
Stephen Bugg8+S.V. Bugg: Club Captain 1976-77, Club President 2005-09
Still Going4+Named by previous owners
The Hunter8+Named for Mike Hunter, Club President.
The Mottaz4+/xNamed for Mark Mottaz, made honorary life member and vice-president in 1960s, in recognition of his coaching (PO)
Victory4-/xNamed by the origianl owners, Vesta RC
Vivian1xNamed by Ken Drake, for his wife, Vivian (PO)
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