An application to join this rowing club is taken to indicate that you:

  • understand that rowing is undertaken at your own risk. You confirm that you do not suffer from any disability or medical condition which may make you unfit for strenuous exercise.
  • understand that photographs or video footage may be taken for coaching, or occasionally for publicity purposes. The latter photographs may appear in printed publications, on the club website or Facebook page, or may be sent to news media.
    If you object to an image of yourself being used in this way then please discuss this with the club captain, your vice-captain or the club’s welfare officer
  • undertake to reimburse the Club for any expenditure incurred on your behalf in respect of entry fees to events, transport costs, etc. (Your squad leader can advise approximate amounts involved in advance of participating in any event).

Coxes (and junior rowers who have not passed a swimming test) are required to wear flotation devices, provided by the club, when on the water. Adult rowers/scullers may need to wear a flotation device unless they are competent swimmers. You affirm that:

You are competent and confident in and under the water and are capable of: swimming at least 50 metres in light clothing (rowing kit), treading water for are least two minutes, and swimming under water for at least 5 metres


You will wear a personal flotation device when on the water.