Cantabs runs a Masters Squad for men, whilst women of masters age row within each of the Senior, Intermediate and Progression squads, depending on their ability and how much time they can commit to training. Any women of masters age interested in joining Cantabs should contact the women’s captain, Ellie Darlington.

The Masters Men’s Squad boats crews (mostly eights and fours) for most of the events on-Cam, plus others as and when time and enthusiasm permits. British Rowing defines a ‘master’ as anyone still competitively rowing who is aged over 27, but in practical terms, some of our masters can’t even remember being 27!

The Masters Men’s Squad row all year round, with temporary breaks for seasonal activities, such as Christmas… or Summer… and, because masters status is an absolute – you can win as many events as you like and your status won’t change – many of those involved have been rowing together for several years. Or decades.

"Dad's army" take to the water for Cambridge Christmas Head

“Dad’s army” take to the water for Cambridge Christmas Head

Saying that, that doesn’t mean we don’t welcome new recruits! The more the merrier!

The on-water side of things is only one aspect of masters rowing at Cantabs. Squad members are actively involved in other areas, such as training juniors, and are also represented on the main committee. And of course, many people who have sufficient maturity to row in masters events continue to train and race with in mixed-age crews who race according to their points categories.

If you’d like to renew your acquaintanceship with rowing, please get in touch with Joe Ouroussoff, Masters Men’s Squad co-ordinator.

Although we cater for a wide range of fitness levels, availability etc., please note that the masters squads are not really the place to go if you’ve always fancied rowing but never got round to trying it. If you are an ‘adult beginner’ then the club offers purpose-built instruction for you and you should contact the Learn to Row co-ordinator, Steph Creasey, for further details. If you are of masters age but would are able to train and compete at a high level, please read more about our Senior Men’s Squad.