Events run by Cantabs

Cambridge Regatta

Cantabs run the Cambridge Regatta, usually held on the Saturday of the August Bank Holiday weekend. Please find the poster below.

regatta poster 2016

After great racing last year in the inaugural event, the regatta is back for year 2! Following the same format as last year, entries will open on August 8th for the CRA crews in the following categories: 8+, 4+, 4-, 4x/x+ (for all ages and genders) and 8x+ for J14 only.

The format follows that of the British Rowing Championships, morning time trials and afternoon side by side seeded racing, with semi-final and finals.

All crews are guaranteed at least 2 races.

Entry fees: £7.50 per seat for all classes.

More info will appear here after CRA Bumps and entries will open on August 8th.

If you have any queries please contact


Winter Head

Cantabs run the annual Winter Head on the River Cam.  This event was run on Saturday Nov 14th 2015. The next event will be on Saturday 19th November 2016.    Results for 2015 are now available…

   Winter Head 2015 - Provisional Results

   Wintert Head 2015 - Provisional Results By Event

   Winter Head 2015 - Provisional Results By Time

   Winter Head 2015 - Provisional Results - Cash Prizes

   Winter Head 2015 - Provisional Results - Read Me!

Other Events
There are many racing events on the Cam throughout the year. Some are run by the CRA (our local governing body) whilst others are run by individual Cambridge clubs or colleges or by the University. Most events are shown on the Club’s Calendar page, but for a comprehensive list, a visit to the CRA web site is recommended.   Also of potential interest may be:


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